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Currently, we are seeking options/interested investors for two completed screenplays: familar strangers, and Not Yours To Give.

How can someone who knows you with such familiarity, be a complete stranger? 

familar strangers, is a very powerful, very emotional drama, about the Carsons-a middle class family whose journalist son Harry, goes off to cover the conflict in the Middle East.  Harry along with a number of other Americans is taken hostage and night after night the news features the story of another murdered hostage. US forces make a desperate rescue attempt, only to see the building where the hostages are being held implode under a massive explosion, set off by the terrorists, killing everyone inside.

Or so it seemed. 

Five years later, the Carson family is in complete disarray. Harry's parents, Tom and Emily have gone through a bitter divorce. Rebecca, Harry's younger sister, has become an unusually oppositional-defiant teenager, battling with her mother over even the slightest issue. Then, one morning, Rebecca gets a text message from HARRY - it says he has been rescued and is coming home in three days. Hatchets are buried and the Carsons make preparations to welcome home their son. But when homecoming day arrives. the young man who bounds up the front steps and greets everyone in attendance by name, is not Harry.

I believe this to be a thinking person's movie. It will reach deeply into your heart and challenge you to confront the way you feel about a number of issues. It's the sort of movie you'll be talking about for days after you see it. With all of the special effect oriented fluff coming out of Hollywood these days, I think those involved in helping produce this film will be proud to be associated with a project that has a real story, with real people, dealing with real issues. It's an actor's movie and will rely heavily on the performers to reach down inside themselves and go places that may be uncomfortable-places they may have never been before as actors.

familiar strangers was an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the Oaxaca Film Festival's 2015 Global Screenwriting Competition and a top FINALIST in the 2016 MOONDANCE International Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

Not Yours To Give

"The power of collecting and disbursing money at pleasure is the most dangerous power that can be entrusted to man…money with them is nothing but trash when it is to come out of the People."
~ Col. Davy Crockett
NOT YOURS TO GIVE, is a "docu-dramedy" about the political life of Col. Davy Crockett.
Ask most people to tell you about Davy Crockett, and they will no doubt describe a legend of a man - a coonskin capped, bear-fighting frontiersman, who fought and died at the Alamo.

But few likely know that Colonel David “Davy” Crockett was also a Statesman, serving two terms in the Tennessee Legislature, and three terms as a Congressman in the US House of Representatives.

As do so many elected officials (especially these days), Crockett began his public service as a politician – not a statesman – and it is the story of his transformation from a run-of-the-mill politician, to honorable statesman, that this film is about.

NOT YOURS TO GIVE centers on the story of Crockett’s legendary “education” into Constitutional Law one summer afternoon by a constituent named Horatio Bunce – a meager but well educated farmer, whose passion for the Constitution leads him to scold Crockett about a recent vote on the House floor. Bunce’s declaration that he would not vote for Crockett again, and his reasoning, lead Crockett to examine his politics- as well as his heart - and leave Crockett a changed man. 

As much as the story is about Crockett's political change of heart, it is even more so about his becoming a man of true faith. Crockett is stuck by how devout the Bunce family is in their faith, that he realizes he cannot serve in Washington and truly be a leader of the people without a moral compass as guide.

Featuring a humorous blending of history and the many legends surrounding the larger-than-life Crockett, NOT YOURS TO GIVE is a story the whole family can enjoy and given our current political climate and forthcoming Presidential election, a tale that was never more relevant - or necessary - than today.

NOT YOURS TO GIVE was featured in the Summer, 2015 issue of Christian FilmWorks Magazine, and hailed by one reviewer as "…A great read. I'm sure this can be a great picture. It is of that caliber." This script also won Top Finalist Honors at the 2016 Capital Fund Screenplay Competition.

Please email for more information/inquiries regarding either screenplay.

Other scripts in development:

My Girlfriend Was A Vampire - a sort of Monster Squad meets Diary of A Wimpy Kid - creepy, campy fun!

We Got To Get Ourselves Back To the Garden - based on the Diaries of Adam & Eve by Mark Twain

3 Beers With Jesus - a down and out news celebrity finds himself with the chance to do the interview of a lifetime.