Image from BATMAN-ARKHAM CITY, by Rocksteady Games

    My last blog post chronicled the AGONY of defeat at the hands/pen/keyboard? of a Christian film produced who, while praising my screenplay NOT YOURS TO GIVE on some technical points, basically dissed the work as not worthy of production.

    Well, one man's trash…you know the old adage. It seems that some one dozen OTHER jurors/producers who scored the script for this year's CAPITAL FUND SCREENPLAY COMPETITION saw it a bit differently!

    The script amongst the Top 5 Finalists in the Competiton and won yours truly a 1/2 phone consult with a seasoned Producer, who said that he, along with the other 11 judges scored the script VERY highly and it was going to be one of the top projects he put before investors in the coming few months!

    Also, the MOONDANCE International Film Festival recently concluded in Boulder, CO., where familiar strangers was selected as a top 5 FINALIST.


    I am humbled and excited beyond words.