• Things that make you go…

    Things that make you go…

    So, I'm beginning to get some good exposure with my script NOT YOURS TO GIVE, about the political life of Davy Crockett, and how a legendary encounter with a meager farmer changed Crockett's mind and his heart about his religious and political convictions. And I happen upon a Christian filmmaking site whose producer agrees (for a fee) to read and review my script for possible production value.

    Well, I submitted the script to him and got a disappointingly poor review. The reader DID say that the writing was "B+ grade at least, very professional", and went on to say that "viewers would learn much about Crockett they likely did not already know", but gave the script low marks for its "extensive use of a narrator, image sequences and long passages of dialogue".

    Now I had painstakingly rewritten this script to adhere as strictly as I could to what I have been told time and time again was "industry format". So I was more than a little dejected that it received such a poor review. So I wrote the reviewer back, and while thanking them for their time and consideration, asked them about the conflicting information I keep getting about scripts, versus what I continue to see being successful on the screen.

    Specifically I mentioned THE LOBSTER, A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, STAND BY ME and BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID,  as examples of wildly successful films which "extensively use narration, image sequences, and/or long passages of dialogue". Now I'm not trying to equate my work with that of Stephen King, Norman McClean or Tarantino, but I did want the reviewers persepctive on those scripts vs mine.

    "Well I am not familiar with, nor have I seen any of these films.", the reviewer responded. 

    Now, I don't care what kind of card-carrying religioso you are - these are all incredibly important works in American Cinema. It's hard to fathom…and now put much stock in …what this person says, when they respond as they did to the aforementioned films. I certainly wish them well and hope they enjoy success with their current and future endeavors, but again, I can't imagine anyone presenting themselves as a professional in this industry, with no familiarity at all with some of the greatest films that have ever been made.

    The point…why of COURSE there's a point. Just realize it's nothing personal, the reviewer clearly has a narrow scope of reference and taste for they prefer, and my script simply didn't fit their bill. And yes, I take away more than a GRAIN of salt from this review, and realize that the shroud some people live under to protect themselves, certainly obscures their ability to see  -and appreciate - very much of our world.