• Viva Mezcal! It's not JUST for breakfast anymore!

    Viva Mezcal! It's not JUST for breakfast anymore!

    The eve of my soujourn to Mexico, for the Oaxaca FilmFest has arrived and I think I am finally getting excited.

    I guess it's all seemed too good to be true that something I created would be honored as an Official Selection by one of the premier film festivals in the world.

    But after a very warm and touching pep talk from my dear friend and CEO, Jay Wommack, in front of our entire company today, in which he characterized me as a "great storyteller",  I am energized and believing in myself again. Then comes an incredible Tweet from my uber enlightened 16-year old that states " …art is designed to make the artist feel personally addressed - it is a simple truth - or set of truths, that galvanizes a passion within the individual. And in doing so, immerses them into a community founded upon that same personal connection." 

    So I have that thought ringing in my synapses as i prepare to go into a community of artists who have a passion for telling stories. 

    A week of networking and workshops and mezcal and las festival de gastronomie await.