• Peaks & Valleys

    Peaks & Valleys

    As I look past the words in my last post, deep down to the despair I felt on many levels, I am reminded that I'd forgotten that if God leads us to something, He will also lead us THROUGH it. And, that on the otherside of every valley, there is a peak.

    Thanks be to God for His love and mercy and the healing power of prayer, and for all those who prayerfully lifted up our family in a time of need. We now have many months of good health behind us and a prognosis for continued wellness.

    On the project front…NOT YOURS TO GIVE caught the eye of Christian FilmWorks Magazine, via an International Screenwriters' Association post, and that project has been featured in their Summer 2015 Issue. Thanks, kindly!

    AND…while I can't post the news YET, I am very excited about an incredibly fortuitous turn of events for familiar strangers. Stay tuned!