• At the Crossroads

    At the Crossroads

    We all reach a crossroads (or several) in our lives, if we live long enough. 

    A point where we must make a decision about how to proceed in our lives, or in a relationship, or with a job.

    Again, I have come to a crossroads.

    Robert Johnson's lyrics have him going to the crossroads, "falling on his knees, beggin' the Lord for mercy, sayin' 'Save me if you please'.

    In his letter to the Christians at Corinth, St. Paul tells us that there are many gifts, but one Lord. Many talents but they are all of the same Spirit. We are called to use those gifts, not for our own benefit, but to glorify our Father in Heaven.

    I've been witness to a number of things this week, all happening very randomly, but containing the same message - at least that's how I'm deciphering them.

    The message? 

    Stop making excuses and start making films. But not just any films. Films that advance the WORD. Films that spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    You see, I've been wrestling with this thing inside me for some months now, and I'd resist it long enough to make some progress, but eventually I would succumb. I even got a cast together, had a couple of readings and started filming a script I'd written entitled "familiar strangers". But it was a dark and hopeless piece. A joyless story, filled with heartbreak and tragedy. And as thrilled as I was that I had some friends who'd agreed to help bring the project to life, I kept running into walls with the shoot.

    No shows here. No responses there. Here a problem, there a conflict, everywhere a doubt doubt. And I began to see that this wasn't what I was supposed to be working on when ANOTHER script I'd written, which had Christ at its center got produced as a stage production and was praised by its performers and audiences alike. 

    SO…I've decided to shift gears, walk another path. Write and produce stories of joy and hope and the love of Christ.

    I too am down on my knees…save me Lord, save me if You please.