Kirk Lohse  - Creative Director

has been writing, directing and editing since he got his hands on his dad’s Bell & Howell 8mm in 1970. One time, he made a Godzilla movie and set the backyard on fire!


But we digress…

His passion for making movies was rekindled with the digital video (DV) revolution of the mid 90s. After taking a number of online and classroom-based courses in DV production, Kirk was fortunate enough to learn professional DVD mastering while working on a DVD authoring project for the Schoenberg Foundation in Los Angeles. 

Lohse spent two years teaching undergraduate video production classes at Texarkana College, where he also served as Program Director for TCTV, the College’s cable access channel from 1999-2008. 

In 2001, as a member of CableONE’s TEACH (Texarkana Educational Access CHannel) committee, Kirk was instrumental in establishing fest•EYE•ful, a very successful video and film festival that ran under the auspices of the Texarkana Regional Arts & Humanities Council, until 2006.

Kirk received the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR) Paragon Award in 1999, and the NCMPR Medallion Award in 2003-both for Excellence in Video Production. 

Since that time, we’ve produced dozens of television commercials and programs, promotional videos for chambers of commerce, instructional videos for private industry, as well as shot live theatre and music performances. We’ve won recognition for short film work from the Dallas Video Festival and the Aurora Picture Show, a Houston TX based independent film group, and Kirk Lohse was honored as a guest blogger and t-shirt designer for the Dallas Video Festival’s 25th Anniversary in 2012.

In mid 2012, 0 N E • N 1 N E FILMS was selected to co-produce a feature length film on the political career of Colonel David Crockett, for which Lohse wrote the screenplay. This project, with the working title Not Yours To Give, is currently seeking funding, and began its life as a “page to stage” project in 2014, produced by the Texas A&M-Texarkana Drama Department.

Most recently, Not Yours To Give was featured in the Summer, 2015 issue of Christian FilmWorks Magazineand was a FINALIST in the 2016 Capital Fund Screenplay Competition.

Also - familiar strangers, the screenplay for another feature length film. The dramatic story of a family whose son is set to return home after being taken hostage five years ago, But the joy of Homecoming Day soon turns to shock and dismay as the strange, mentally disturbed young man who appears at their door on hugging everyone and calling them by name, is not their son.

familiar strangers was a FINALIST at the 2015 Oaxaca FilmFestival Global Screenplay Competition and a FINALIST in the 2016 MoonDance International FilmFestival Screenplay Competition.

Currently in development…

3 Beers With Jesus - a short based on the story of a down and out reporter, who scores the interview of a lifetime and a chance at redemption.

We Got To Get Ourselves Back To The Garden - another short film, based on Mark Twain's Diaries of Adam & Eve.

ONE NINE FILMS is proud to announce a its partnership with local Real Estate Mogul CHAD RANEY and KELLER-WILLIAMS Realty of Texarkana to produce a new Web Series called Trade Local Texarkana .

The aim of this program is to highlight the many superb small businesses here in Texarkana and let the men and women behind those businesses tell their entrepreneurial stories. Check us out at TexarkanaHomes.com